Helena Lily Lutterodt is a pupil barrister at the firm, Marrah & Associates. She obtained her Bachelor of Laws Degree in 2019 at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. In the same year, she gained admission at the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom to pursue her Masters in Oil and Gas Law and successfully completed with a distinction. Thereafter, Ms. Lutterodt relocated to Sierra Leone to pursue her professional training at the Sierra Leone Law School and was called to the Bar in January of 2022. Prior to her call, she interned at the Ofori Law Firm, Maryland, United States of America for a month. There she performed diverse roles including drafting pleadings, discoveries, interrogatories, research and visiting some of the Court Houses in Maryland.


As a pupil barrister, Ms. Lutterodt handles an array of matters that cut through different disciplines of law. She has drafted legal opinions for Vista Bank, SLURC, JHPIEGO and other international non-governmental organisations. She also drafts letters, pleadings, Memorandum and Articles of Association for companies. Recently, Ms. Lutterodt represented the firm at the CAFOD Business Conference, an initiative of the UNDP, targeted to enhance growth of businesses.


Ms. Lutterodt aspires to make an impact in the energy industry by influencing the formation of energy policies, advocating for the rights of the less privileged in society and engaging in community development projects.